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Advanced GPS Guidance Option Takes Zimmatic® by Lindsay 9500L To The Next Level

Sep 18, 2017



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Advanced GPS Guidance Option Takes Zimmatic® by Lindsay 9500L To The Next Level

The New Option Gives Growers Precise Control Over Their Lateral Irrigation Systems

(OMAHA, Neb.) – September 2017— Lindsay Corporation has introduced a new, advanced GPS Guidance option for the Zimmatic 9500L – a cost-effective solution that gives growers precise and maintenance free lateral tracking.

“This exciting new product gives growers the ability to navigate their Zimmatic lateral systems with sub-inch accuracy and make real time adjustments to the run path and end points,” said Christopher Higgins, Zimmatic product manager at Lindsay Corporation. “No other GPS lateral solution in the marketplace has the features and ease of use benefits that come with the Zimmatic 9500L GPS Guidance option.”

Available for Zimmatic 9500L systems, the GPS Guidance option is ideal for installations where furrow or wire guidance are not suited or are difficult to maintain. Easy path management allows users to set virtual hose stops and/or service stops quickly and easily and real time RTK correction ensures that the machine will always be where it should be. Additional benefits include:

  • Dual Channel RTK delivers the fastest start-up times and most precise position accuracy.
  • It eliminates the need for costly repair or replacement of above ground guidance wires damaged by equipment or wildlife.
  • A single GPS base station can be shared by multiple 9500L systems within operational distance limits.
  • A simple retrofit, it can easily be installed onto any existing Zimmatic 9500L system.

“This affordable advanced guidance option gives growers the ability move up and down the system run length with extreme precision and track repeatability,” Higgins said.

For more information about the Zimmatic 9500L GPS Guidance option and other innovative irrigation management solutions, talk to your local Zimmatic dealer or visit