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5 Operational Benefits of Improving Irrigation Efficiency

Jan 26, 2022

5 Operational Benefits of Improving Irrigation Efficiency

Technology has changed the game for agriculture—equipping producers with more knowledge, confidence and peace of mind than ever. Now, you can manage irrigation systems from anywhere, conserve resources with precision and keep crops at their healthiest.

But is a smarter irrigation system really the key to yielding more and wasting less?

In short, the answer is yes. And here are the top reasons why improving irrigation efficiency can benefit your operation—and the environment—in a big way.

1) Increasing crop yields maximizes profitability

Zimmatic center pivot irrigation systems can help ensure the right amount of water is applied at the right time in the right place. And with smart irrigation technology like FieldNET™, you can get a better understanding of your operation’s water needs. This precision and data work together to help limit the chance of over or underwatering crops. Instead, maximizing crop production and quality to produce stronger yields.

2) Water and energy savings make all the difference

Sometimes yielding more means using less. By adapting more efficient water management practices, you can focus on making every drop count. This not only helps produce higher yields, but can also help save time, resources and money.

Uniform water application

Technology continues to make great strides in helping apply water uniformly across a field. From water pressure to pipe length to weather patterns, smarter irrigation systems can leverage your operation’s data to ensure the appropriate level of irrigation. And the benefits of that can go below the surface too, supporting soil health.

Reduced contamination of run off

Another benefit of irrigation efficiency is that it can reduce waste from overwatering while minimizing runoff of potential chemicals. From a sustainability perspective, this is important since runoff can leach crop nutrients and contaminate nearby water sources and natural habitats.

3) Getting smarter with data improves crop health

Imagine detecting issues earlier on or knowing the health of your crops without physically being in the field. With irrigation tech, you gain greater control over and visibility into how your crops are doing. Take the smart pivot, which combines FieldNET advanced agronomics and Zimmatic machine health features to provide an agronomic powerhouse. With it, you can detect leaf-level health issues and identify growth projections to maximize crop health.

4) Boosting productivity pays off

Another benefit to automating irrigation or remotely managing your irrigation system is the boost in productivity. With a smarter irrigation system, you can do and know more from anywhere by using a cellphone, iPad or desktop computer.

Remote monitoring

With remote monitoring and irrigation management technology, you’re always connected to your operation. From checking in on your fields to analyzing what’s needed, you can know your operation is in good hands—after all, they’re still your hands.

Machine health

That also goes for your irrigation system itself. Decrease wear and tear and minimize downtime by keeping a closer eye on your machines. With the smart pivot, powered by our partnership with Microsoft Azure, you can detect potential equipment issues and ensure your system stays at peak productivity.

5) Labor savings could be a tap away

With remote monitoring and management capabilities, smarter irrigation systems can also mean labor savings for your operation. There’s no longer the need for someone onsite to be programming changes or manually checking the fields—it’s all possible with a tap.

Bonus Download: Irrigation Analysis Worksheet

Improving irrigation efficiency is a valuable investment that yields so much more than the initial upfront costs—for you, your operation and the environment. Our Irrigation Analysis Worksheet can help you better understand your current irrigation costs and determine if making the switch is right for you. And don’t forget about cost-sharing programs like the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) can help!

To learn more about how Zimmatic or FieldNET can benefit your operation, talk to your local Zimmatic dealer