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The World Must Produce Almost 50% More Food by 2030

Jun 30, 2021

The World Must Produce Almost 50% More Food by 2030

Meeting the food and fiber needs of an escalating world population—8.5 billion by 2030—begs the question: Can we do it? The simple answer is yes because we have to. Can we produce more with less? Yes, because history has shown us to be highly adaptable as we create innovative approaches to solve seemingly unsurmountable challenges.

Sustainability is the key to meeting the world’s growing needs while conserving dwindling resources. By integrating best practices into crop and livestock operations, we not only enhance environmental quality and conserve resources, but we enrich the quality of life for growers and society in general. At Lindsay, we never lose sight of our mission to develop irrigation systems, tools and services that promote the wise use of water, making every drop count.

“Now more than ever growers care about the impact they’re making on the land and resources. They’re asking for new tools and methods to help them improve efficiency, reduce risk and boost productivity. It is our responsibility to address their concerns and help them overcome challenges,” says Gustavo Oberto, President of Global Irrigation at Lindsay.

Smart Irrigation. Sustainable Solutions. 

“Smart Irrigation. Sustainable Solutions.”— this year’s theme for the Irrigation Association’s annual July Smart Irrigation Month celebration— perfectly describes our focus. Our award-winning products and technologies help our customers save money by reducing energy and water consumption.

Oberto sums it up this way: “We understand that farming is dynamic with decisions being made constantly. When these decisions are reinforced with proper application of technology, they can lead to more sustainable farming practices. This can lead to reductions in water, energy and CO2 emissions, as well as generate time savings and increased productivity.”

Lindsay’s milestone technologies allow growers to sustain economic viability and thrive despite volatile environmental challenges like the current drought in the High Plains, Midwest and West. Products such as our smart pivot (the first in the world), FieldNET™ with WaterTrendSM and FieldNET Advisor® are key tools that push production boundaries, making the impossible, possible. In fact, we’re on target to meet our goals for FieldNET and FieldNET Advisor, saving the world’s growers more than 700 billion gallons of water and more than one billion kilowatt hours of energy by the year 2022. That’s sustainability!

Through partnerships with other industry-leading companies, we take precision agriculture to the next level of functionality and performance, streamlining data collection and allowing for faster, better informed irrigation management decisions. We work to enhance irrigation management and broaden the detection and reporting of irrigation system issues. Our precision irrigation tools and technologies help growers evaluate and continuously improve the sustainability and profitability of their operations.

As growers and irrigation specialists, we know we can rise to the challenge of producing more with less. And we can do it without negatively impacting the land, resource availability or global agricultural economy. By providing growers with smart tools and resources, we are helping them pass on productive, fruitful land to future generations.

“We know the future is incredibly bright with opportunities,” says Gustavo. “Lindsay is committed to helping our growers take advantage of every opportunity to increase efficiency, profitability and productivity while protecting the land for our children and our grandchildren.”