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Our Commitment to Smart Irrigation

Jul 8, 2022

Our Commitment to Smart Irrigation

Since 1955, Lindsay has been a pioneer provider of irrigation and water management solutions that have revolutionized the way the world grows. Each of our irrigation solutions, from pivots and laterals to remote irrigation management and scheduling technology, has helped growers maximize resources and profits for over six decades.

We know that every bit of water and energy saved makes a positive impact around the world. From the creation of the Zimmatic pivot in the 1960s to the release of FieldNET Advisor in 2017, we’re committed to creating solutions that help growers conserve resources and run their irrigation systems with precision.

Every July marks Smart Irrigation Month, which the Irrigation Association created to promote the social, economic and environmental benefits of efficient irrigation technologies, products and services in landscape, turf and agricultural irrigation. As a global brand committed to smart irrigation practices, we’re proud to spread the word about Smart Irrigation Month and show our growers how smart irrigation technologies and practices provide solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

We’re inspired by this year’s theme : “Proud of our past. Focused on our future.” to reflect on our history of smart irrigation and celebrate our effort to build a more sustainable tomorrow. Read on to learn about our commitment to smart irrigation—straight from our employees.

What smart irrigation means to us

To better understand what smart irrigation means to our employees, we asked those who’ve led the charge throughout the years, like Reece Andrews. Reece, Senior Product Manager of FieldNET & Zimmatic Controls, has been a part of Lindsay for 25 years and was named 2021 Innovator of the Year by the Irrigation Association.

“To me, smart irrigation means saving water with irrigation scheduling tools and enhancing the overall irrigation management and reporting performance that strengthens continuous improvement and best practices.”

Brad Dunbar, Zimmatic Regional Manager, agrees smart irrigation provides a more secure source of food, fiber and fuel while conserving natural resources.

“To me, smart irrigation means taking into account soil, crop, growth stage, water availability, current weather and forecasted weather to make optimal irrigation decisions and save water.”

Proud of our past

While we have lots to be proud of, our team agrees that FieldNET Advisor took our irrigation management technology to the next level across the board.

“I’m most proud of our technology developments with FieldNET Advisor. This has provided customers information on getting the highest return of crop per drop.” Dunbar said.

With unpredictable weather, dry conditions and lengthy drought across many parts of the country, we know growers have a lot on their plate. FieldNET Advisor was designed to help take the guesswork out of irrigation management. This solution helps growers improve irrigation efficiency and the health of their crops while conserving natural resources and driving long-term sustainability.

“This product makes remote irrigation management more accessible to more growers, and we often hear from growers that ‘FieldNET is a tool we couldn’t live without,’” Andrews said.

Focused on our future

At Lindsay, we know our work isn’t done. Today’s farmers are facing unique challenges, and we have a responsibility to share smart irrigation practices in the U.S. and around the globe.

“As water and land become more difficult to find, smart irrigation practices are becoming more critical. We can help the world move forward with our continuous efforts to innovate technology and improve efficiencies.” Michael Harward, Zimmatic Regional Manager, said.

We’re always looking for ways to take efficient irrigation to the next level and ease the burdens of growers around the globe. We’re currently working on a new FieldNET platform GUI (graphical user interface) to incorporate grower feedback that makes managing irrigation even easier.

“I’m excited to work with growers on how they can incorporate new technologies into their fields that make them better operators and save them precious time,” Dunbar said.

New technology and improved efficiency will not only help lower costs and improve yields, but it will ultimately aid in feeding the growing population and utilizing land more sustainably.

Curious about the result of Lindsay’s smart irrigation efforts? Take a look at our Global Impact page to get real-time insights into water and energy savings.