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New Design of Irrigation Management System Allows for Faster, Easier Control

Sep 30, 2021

New Design of Irrigation Management System Allows for Faster, Easier Control

A new design of FieldNET -- Lindsay’s remote irrigation management solution -- makes it easier and quicker than ever for growers to view their fields and manage their equipment.

With the new FieldNET user interface (UI), users will see a sleek field-centric map view of their operation. Layers of information about a grower’s fields are accessible from one central location, eliminating the need to click in and out of different pages for crucial operation management data. 

The new FieldNET UI was developed to have the same functionality via the web portal or mobile app, which means customers who use the FieldNET app on a phone, tablet or laptop will have the same functionality and ease of use to view and manage irrigation systems.

New features are also rolling out in the FieldNET Advisor irrigation recommendation and scheduling platform. Upon selecting a field, users will see a dashboard displaying planting information, aerial imagery, soil moisture level, irrigation recommendations and more. A new weather layer will show weather events on radar in real-time, too.

“FieldNET is already the industry leader in integrated remote irrigation management,” said Reece Andrews, product manager at Lindsay, “With the new user interface it will be even faster and easier for growers to view and manage their irrigation from virtually anywhere from the palm of their hand.”

“This all adds up to less time in the field, less money spent on valuable resources and greater control of their operation,” Andrews continued. “In a nut-shell, FieldNET saves growers time, labor and fuel.”

The new design is currently available in beta form alongside the legacy FieldNET app and web portal. Lindsay is allowing a select number of its North American FieldNET customers to become early beta testers to get in and try the new look and feel of the FieldNET platform and provide their feedback.

Current FieldNET customers in North America who are interested in being a beta tester can ask to join at Lindsay.com/betasignup.

The full release is expected for the 2022 growing season.