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Here’s to Growers Making a Difference

Mar 17, 2023

Here’s to Growers Making a Difference

According to the Farm Bureau®, “2 million farms dot America’s rural landscape, and 98% are operated by families – individuals, family partnerships or family corporations.” From fueling people to machines to our future, these growers are making a difference today and for tomorrow.

We take pride in helping growers right here in America – and around the world – find the right irrigation solutions to maximize productivity, profitability and yield. Because we know that smarter irrigation systems do more than just benefit farming operations, they benefit our crops, our environment and our customers’ day-to-day lives.

So, in honor of National Agriculture Week, we want to spotlight just a few of the growers who are taking advantage of FieldNET™ technology to do more for their operations and themselves. And that’s something we are proud to support and celebrate, every day.

Here’s to the growers teaching the next generation

Our customer John is from a long line of growers. Growers who have passed down their knowledge along with their acres. And with each new generation, the Breedloves have looked for new solutions to strengthen their operation and ensure the utmost efficiency. John was the first to implement FieldNET Advisor, harnessing the power of his operation’s data to inform his decisions and irrigation schedules for the better. So, here’s to the growers who are showing the next generation the possibilities and positive impacts of smart irrigation and ag tech.

Here’s to the growers expanding their operations sustainably

For some growers, the opportunity to own or expand their own operation is a dream. For our customer Kendall, that dream became a reality that he wanted to ensure was sustainable. Beyond just looking for irrigation efficiency and confidence though, Kendall wanted to make every drop of water count – from his first circle to his fourteenth. With FieldNET, he’s been able to do just that. So, here’s to the growers who are continuing to expand their operations, maximizing yield while minimizing waste.

Here’s to the growers finding ways to juggle it all

Whether out in the field checking crops or back at home taking care of the family, the life of a grower is non-stop. For many, that juggling act can be a delicate balance that comes with uncertainty and stress. Thankfully, there are technology solutions like FieldNET to help. With them, you’re able to monitor, control and manage your irrigation operation from the palm of your hand – keeping you connected from anywhere. So, here’s to the growers like our customer Jeff who are using technology to confidently do more with peace of mind.

While these featured growers are taking amazing strides, they are just a few of the many who are creating a brighter and more sustainable future for agriculture. You can watch more of these smart irrigation success stories here, or reach out to your local Zimmatic dealer to begin your own story today!