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Join Lindsay in Celebrating Smart Irrigation Month

Jul 6, 2021

Join Lindsay in Celebrating Smart Irrigation Month

Celebrate Smart Irrigation Month by giving serious thought to your irrigation practices, tools and equipment. Do they contribute to the efficient use of water? Do they promote sustainability? Do they contribute to your reputation as a good steward of the land and resources? Lindsay is here to make sure you can answer yes to every one of these questions.

We are fully aligned with this year’s Irrigation Association Smart Irrigation Month theme: “Smart Irrigation. Sustainable Solutions.” The focus of many of our blogs has been on how our technologies and tools promote the wise use of water and sustainable agriculture. Check out the following blogs to hear from growers — and Lindsay irrigation professionals — how our technologies, products and support lead to smart irrigation and sustainable solutions.

FieldNET™ Advisor® Helps Georgia Grower Improve Sustainability
June 1, 2021

Being a good steward of the land is a priority for Georgia grower Daniel Morrell — that’s one of the reasons he uses FieldNET Advisor. Discover how this technology helps Morrell effectively utilize water to help maximize the full potential of his operation.

New Zealand’s “Zimmatic™ Trailblazer” Awards Support Industry Sustainability Efforts
May 24, 2021

Responsible irrigation and water management can make a big difference to farm productivity, the environment and the prosperity of rural communities. This Zimmatic-sponsored competition recognizes farmers leading the way in responsible irrigation, innovative water management and environmental stewardship.

10 Things You Should Know about FieldNET
May 17, 2021

While you may know FieldNET as the industry’s leading remote irrigation management tool, you may not know the extent of its capabilities. Learn 10 important FieldNET features and how they help growers make smart irrigation choices in a time when every drop counts.

When You Can’t Compete with Mother Nature, You Need FieldNET
April 19, 2021

FieldNET with WaterTrendSM shows growers how much water their crops will use during the upcoming week, along with a daily field-specific weather forecast — including predicted rainfall amounts — giving them the ability to make better, data-driven irrigation decisions.

FieldNET Helps South African Operation Maximize Efficiency
March 29, 2021

For the past few years, South African growers have battled through severe droughts in parts of the country. Eric Le Roux, production manager at Môrester Estates, talks about how FieldNET helps save wages, electricity, labor and time.

Rooted in History, Sustainable Farming Practices Benefit Farmers and the Environment
March 22, 2021

A new study from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, in partnership with the American Soybean Association, CropLife America and the National Corn Growers Association, shows precision agriculture technology plays a key role in today’s sustainability efforts. What did the study show? Find out here.

Better Irrigation Decisions Boost Georgia Grower’s Bottom Line
March 15, 2021

During the 2020 growing season, Brian Rayburn participated in a field trial to establish yield and water use differences between grower-controlled center pivots and those controlled with FieldNET Advisor. What he learned takes the guesswork out of how much to water.

Know More…Grow More
March 5, 2021

You don’t need a crystal ball to predict the 7-day water outlook for your crops. You need FieldNET with WaterTrend. Find out how it can help you make more effective and efficient irrigation decisions.

FieldNET Gives Indiana Growers Options to Fit Their Operation’s Needs
February 15, 2021

Wappel Grain and Herb uses 57 center pivots to irrigate 9,000 acres of family-owned and rented farmland. All 57 are integrated with FieldNET technology, giving the growers the ability to remotely monitor and control the system from anywhere. Learn more about how Wappel Grain and Herb simplified its operation.

The Smart Pivot—Because You Can’t Afford Downtime
February 8, 2021

What do you want from the pivot of the future? Explore the features and benefits of Lindsay’s groundbreaking smart pivot that reduce risk and operational downtime while supporting healthier crops and more sustainable farming practices.

It May Sound Too Good to Be True…But It Isn’t
January 25, 2021

Lindsay’s smart pivot is cutting-edge technology that moves beyond water application to provide real-time, 360-degree crop and machine health data. Using sensors, high resolution imagery and advanced algorithms, the smart pivot provides growers with never-before-seen insights.