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Grower Adds FieldNET® Pivot Watch™ to Bring Other Branded Pivots onto the FieldNET® Platform

Mar 9, 2020

Grower Adds FieldNET® Pivot Watch™ to Bring Other Branded Pivots onto the FieldNET® Platform

When Nebraska grower Brent Knust first learned about FieldNET Pivot Watch, he knew it would be a great solution for his northeast Nebraska operation.

“I’m pretty sure I bought the first unit that was available – if not the first, definitely one of the first,” he said. “My dealer, Cody Frank (from Two Rivers Irrigation), and I had been talking about it for a while. I knew it was something I wanted, so when he told me that he had just gotten a few, I rushed right in and bought two.”

Knust returned the following week and bought a third unit. He installed them on other branded pivots and integrated the machines into the FieldNET remote management platform.

“We have FieldNET on most of our Zimmatic® pivots, but I wanted to get it on those other pivots, too, so I could manage everything from one app,” he said. “FieldNET Pivot Watch lets me do that.”

With integrated cellular connectivity, GPS positioning and other embedded sensors, FieldNET Pivot Watch gives growers the ability to remotely keep track of their pivot’s functions via the FieldNET app. The ultra-low-cost, monitor-only solution is solar powered and attaches directly to the span pipe with a simple aluminum band. There’s no need to tap into the pivot’s electrical circuitry, which means growers can install it themselves.

“As soon as I got it, I put it on. The first one took a little over 30 minutes to install, because I checked and double-checked everything to make sure it was right. After that it was really easy – 20 to 30 minutes tops,” Knust said. “The hardest part was getting the pivot as close to the road as possible, so I didn’t have to walk too far into the field.”

Knust said he used FieldNET Pivot Watch most of the last growing season, and it lived up to all of his expectations.

“It saves me a lot of time. I used to check my machines three times a day. With Pivot Watch and FieldNET, all I have to do is look at my phone,” he said. “I would definitely recommend FieldNET Pivot Watch to other growers – especially those with pivots working a good distance away. It’s also a great solution for pivots on rented land. The units are portable, so you can easily move them from one pivot to another.”

Availability of FieldNET Pivot Watch may vary by region. For more information, ask your local Zimmatic dealer or visit www.pivotwatch.com.

Note: As of June 2020, FieldNET Pivot Watch is available to U.S. and Canadian customers on Amazon! Order yours online today, or pick up from your local Zimmatic dealer.