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Celebrating National Ag Week: 6 Ways Growers are Planning for Tomorrow

Mar 18, 2022

Celebrating National Ag Week: 6 Ways Growers are Planning for Tomorrow

In honor of National Ag Week during March 20-26 (National Ag Day is March 22), we’re taking time to celebrate the steps growers are taking to create a more sustainable and successful future for us all.

We’re proud to support this industry and every grower’s progress by equipping them with irrigation solutions that yield more—for themselves, their operation and our world.

Here are the 6 things we’re celebrating and continuing to focus on:

1) Conserving today to support tomorrow

The agriculture industry has taken giant leaps toward promoting more sustainable farming practices. While doing more with more used to be a solid strategy, many growers are now asking themselves how to do more with less. That can mean exploring how to produce higher-yielding crops on the same amount of land, but using less water, time, manual labor or even money.

If you’re curious how technology solutions like FieldNET are helping make this possible, check out our global impact counter that tracks how many liters of water have been saved to date because of growers utilizing this tech.

2) Farming with peace of mind

Growers are under a tremendous amount of stress, especially when it comes to knowing what is happening in all areas of their operation. That’s why precision ag tech and equipment have continued to rise in demand. No more guessing what is right or spending hours throughout the day (and night) checking your crops and equipment. Now you can find solutions that help you manage your operation and field(s) from anywhere. Solutions that use data to optimize performance and inform decisions. And solutions that make your job a little easier—even if that just means letting you breathe easier.

3) Thinking tech-forward

It’s no secret that technology continues to open the doors for almost every industry—and agriculture is no different. It’s one of the main ways growers can find that peace of mind and confidence we just talked about.

Think about connecting devices across multiple fields or remote management and monitoring of your entire irrigation system, like with FieldNET. The enhanced visibility and access can help improve your operation’s efficiency. After all, there’s a reason why FieldNET had a 97% renewal rate and 174% year-over-year growth in new subscriptions in 2020. Growers want to know more!

4) Putting your money where the data is

When it comes to knowing more, data is key. While growers may still rely on intuition and background knowledge of their land, it’s common to find data at the center of many operational decisions—from infrastructure changes to labor needs to irrigation schedules and crop management. Just take our smart pivot for example, which is an agronomic powerhouse of data and insights on things like machine and crop health. With it, growers can detect issues earlier, reduce downtime, boost sustainability and increase efficiency—all backed by data. 

5) Helping grow the industry

According to National Ag Day, “there are 3.75 million Americans employed full- and part-time in agriculture, including forestry, fishing and other activities. In comparison, the tech sector supports 4.3 million jobs.”

But between labor shortages and the pandemic, our industry needs help bringing in new talent. That’s why this Ag Week is more important than ever to celebrate the advancements being made and share the possibilities waiting in agriculture.

6) Making growers heard

Another way you can show your support for the agriculture industry is by contacting your congressmen, local representatives, and even schools or associations to discuss important ag topics that benefit your local community or the broader ag community. Our voices are louder together, so take this week to address issues.

Most importantly, join us this National Ag Week in celebrating the contributions and endless hard work of our country’s growers and agriculture leaders by showing your support online and off.