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10 Things You Should Know About FieldNET™

May 17, 2021

10 Things You Should Know About FieldNET™

It’s dry. There’s no denying the impact of below-average rainfall in the Southwest year after year or the severity of the drought in California, the Four Corners area and a broad swath of the Midwest. While you can’t change environmental conditions, you can make the best of a critical situation by using tools that promote wise water use. One such tool is FieldNET. FieldNET technology helps you minimize risk to your crops and conserve water, time and effort.

While you may know FieldNET as the industry’s leading remote irrigation management tool, you may not know the extent of its capabilities. Here are 10 important FieldNET features and how they help growers make smart irrigation choices in a time when every drop counts. 

  1. Remote Monitor/Control Capabilities: Monitor the operational status of your irrigation systems and control them quickly and easily from a smartphone, tablet or computer 24 hours a day from anywhere. Easy access to pressure, flow, water level and power provides greater efficiency, reduced energy usage, and less wear and tear on equipment.

  2. WaterTrend℠ Feature: Make irrigation decisions based on water usage trends in your crops. Using advanced data, science and modeling technology, FieldNET with WaterTrend provides a 7-day water outlook on crop water usage and precipitation amounts. The feature is available to all FieldNET subscribers at no additional cost and with no need for additional equipment.

  3. FieldNET Advisor®: Add this irrigation scheduling tool and take your irrigation management to the next level.  FieldNET Advisor is the first-in-industry, award-winning solution giving growers continuous delivery of updated, science-based recommendations, customized for each field.

  4. Variable Rate Irrigation: Automatically generate VRI plans based on crop, field conditions or weather conditions and activate them with the touch of a button.

  5. Seamless Integration: Add FieldNET technology to any pivot, regardless of age or brand.

  6. Alerts: Stay informed about performance issues with alerts sent via text, push notification or email.

  7. Custom Reports: Track data from your field, create custom reports and get recommendations with a user-friendly interface.

  8. End Gun Adjustability: Align end guns to deliver water where it belongs — on your field.

  9. Pressure Monitoring: Know immediately if you have enough pressure for water application and end gun operation, and ensure maximum ROI with sprinkler package efficiency.

  10. Chemigation: Control chemical applications, reducing runoff while ensuring precise application.

To learn more about the FieldNET line of remote irrigation management tools and how it can help you save time, money, water and other inputs, talk to your local Zimmatic® dealer or visit www.myfieldnet.com