Q&A with Dale Weaver


Dale Weaver

Macon, Mississippi


Q:  What do you primarily use FieldNET for?

A:  The major thing is monitoring the pivots as they're running. Four out of five pivots are 15 miles from my house, that's a 30-mile round trip. Now, with FieldNET, I can monitor them constantly.


Q:  What do you feel is an essential benefit of using FieldNET?

A:  Just a couple clicks and you see exactly what is happening. If a pivot goes down, and is down for 6-12 hours before you know it, you've lost that time. FieldNET lets you stay on top of things. If there's a problem, you can fix it immediately rather than not knowing until you get there.


Q:  How does FieldNET save resources?

A:  It saves me time, water and money. I don't have to be on location to know what's going on. If there's a problem, I'll be made aware of it by text message. I can see where the pivot is, what the pressures are, what the position of it is.


Q:  How easy was it for you to learn to use FieldNET?

A:  I'm not a technology guy. I just downloaded the app on my iPhone, but I tried it and there was no problem at all. It was very easy to use.


Q:  Has FieldNET helped you have more free time?

A:  On the weekend, I don't have to be checking pivots as much. My wife and I like to fly around in my Stinson Voyager airplane, so FieldNET lets me know exactly what's going on, and I don't have to wonder. I can just relax and know it's going ok.


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