Keep your eyes on your roadside assets.

RoadConnect™ by Lindsay is a remote roadside asset monitoring platform. It gives you the ability to remotely monitor key road and highway assets such as crash cushions, guardrails, end terminals, utility poles, bridge structures and more. With RoadConnect, you can increase the speed and reliability of roadside maintenance, save time and money while also improving road safety.

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Keep your eyes on your roadside assets.

Many safe returns.

Every municipality and DOT district is unique, but budget concerns are a common issue. RoadConnect improves safety and ROI by reducing manual data-capture labor costs, and improving maintenance effectiveness through faster, more reliable updates about which assets need attention.

A single-source data & insights platform.

RoadConnect is more than remote asset monitoring — it is a modular platform that you can add to as the need arises. Currently, RoadConnect offers two integrated tools — ImpactAlert(TM) and LightGuard(TM) Pulse — with even more in development.

Remote Impact Detection with ImpactAlert™

Remote Impact Detection with ImpactAlert™

With ImpactAlert, you add roadside asset impact detection to your RoadConect platform. This device can be connected to a broad range of roadside assets, and it alerts you immediately when one has been impacted — increasing the speed at which your department can respond and reducing the expense of manually scouting your assets for damage.


  • Compact, self-contained hardware
  • Attaches via non-destructive adhesive or strap, without altering the asset
  • Internal cellular modem for connectivity
  • Waterproof
  • 5-year battery life expectancy and self-diagnostics
Remote Streetlight Management with LightGuard™ Pulse

Remote Streetlight Management with LightGuard™ Pulse

Our LightGuard Pulse device adds remote management of lighting systems to your RoadConnect platform. This device allows you to monitor and control lighting through your RoadConnect dashboard, as well as receive notices of outages and decreases in energy draw — a common early warning sign of theft or damage.


  • Improves nighttime visibilty and safety for motorists
  • Reduces energy consumption and costs
  • Increases lamp life and uniformity
  • Reduces outage and repair time
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Compatible with LED, HPS, and mixed lighting circuits

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