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No Time For Off-Season Maintenance? We Can Help.

17 окт. 2018 г.

No Time For Off-Season Maintenance? We Can Help.

Drain water off the gearbox. Check U-joints for wear. Grease the pivot point. Inspect switches. These are just a few things that should be included on your off-season pivot maintenance checklist. 

“The off-season is a good time to take care of routine maintenance, so that your pivot is ready to go when you’re ready to irrigate again,” said Cody Frank, owner of Two Rivers Irrigation. “Most of the service calls we get during the growing season are for replacing micro-switches, contactors, U-joints, gearboxes and center drives - issues that can be avoided with a regular maintenance program.”

With 25 pivots working over his operation near Ewing, Nebraska, grower Ron Funk relies on Frank’s team to help minimize costly downtime. 

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“Cody’s crew comes out and takes care of everything – it’s routine for us. If we can get it done in the fall, we know we’ll be ready to go the next year,” Funk said. “I’m not saying we don’t ever have problems, but the maintenance definitely saves a lot of headaches.”

Frank said that, like Funk, once a customer gets started in the maintenance program, they come back every year. 

“With our maintenance program, we start servicing machines right behind the combine,” he said. “We get the drivetrain, electrical and sprinklers checked over and make needed repairs or replacements well before the next growing season begins.”

To learn more about the Zimmatic off-season maintenance program, talk to your dealer or visit www.zimmatic.com.