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Lindsay Helps to Uplift and Empower Others

1 нояб. 2021 г.

Lindsay Helps to Uplift and Empower Others

Lindsay Corporation, a manufacturer of irrigation equipment, understands the significance of water and promotes the responsible use of it. Our values focus on inspiring others to demonstrate courage to make a difference and collaborate to create more together than as individuals. To elevate this concept among our employees, we launched Campaign for Water to celebrate Women’s History Month in March.

          Our employees donated funds, which the company matched, to partner with The Water Project to build a protected spring of clean water for 500 people of the Shianda community near Malava, Kenya.

          A permanent water source, the Govet Lumbasi Spring, was believed to be exposed to contaminants and could make community members sick with typhoid and cholera. Expensive to treat, these illnesses can keep individuals at home or in the hospital, away from school or work. Contaminants weren’t the only issue though as the spring’s yield was only partially captured and fetching water was a challenge because the wet catchment area was slippery to enter and exit, especially during the rainy season.

          With Lindsay employees’ help, the redesigned and protected spring was completed in July and now provides access to clean and safe water. With the full yield captured and the area protected, it reduces the time that community members spend at the well — a task done predominately by women and young girls. The spring helps keep runoff and other contaminants out of the water, individuals healthy, and empowers female community members with more time and energy to engage and invest in other income-generating activities or their education.

          "The protected spring will help me access safe and clean water,” said Miriam Indasi, a 90-year-old local farmer. “It will be convenient to draw water from the protected spring at my age, unlike in the past where the queue was long.”

          Community training also was provided on personal and environmental health and hygiene, COVID-19 prevention, operation and maintenance of the spring, as well as safe water handling, treatment and storage.

          A newly formed Water User Committee will oversee the operation and maintenance of the spring, allowing the community members to live better, healthier lives. 

          “Based on the comments and smiles on the faces of the children in the community, we can say we made a positive impact in their lives,” said Lindsay Product Manager Sahil Sharma. “And in doing so, we provided our small contribution to the continuation of the traditions of the Women’s History Month – Uplift and Empower.”