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Extend Your Reach with the FieldPLUS Articulated Pivot

20 de nov. de 2019

Extend Your Reach with the FieldPLUS Articulated Pivot

How can you pick up more irrigated acres without buying or renting more land? 

For South African grower Jacobus Human, a Zimmatic FieldPLUS articulated pivot is the answer. 

“Adding FieldPLUS to one of Jacobus’ center pivots allowed him to put an additional 10 hectares (25 acres) into production,” said Frederick Labuschagne of Lindsay Africa. “It’s allowing him to irrigate land that was previously unreachable by standard pivots.”

Located near Swellendam in the Western Cape province, Human’s operation produces alfalfa on more than 250 irrigated hectares (617 acres). With FieldPLUS, he is able to overcome the challenges posed by the land’s topography to make the most of every acre he farms.

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“The exclusive FieldPLUS pivoting joint allows the pivot to bend around buildings and other obstructions,” Labuschagne said. “It allows growers, like Jacobus, to bring large areas of previously unreachable land under irrigation.”

Here’s how it works – the FieldPLUS pivoting joint can be positioned at nearly any tower. The selected tower then acts as the pivot point, allowing the outer spans to wrap another 165° in either direction. The outer spans can continue up to 304 meters (1,000 feet) after the pivoting joint.

“The FieldPLUS pivoting joint can be retrofitted on almost any existing Zimmatic pivot,” Labuschagne said. “For ultimate flexibility, multiple joints can be used on a single machine. Growers can also add GPS for more precise control of water and chemical applications.”

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