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Omaha Employees Invest in their Community

5 févr. 2020

Omaha Employees Invest in their Community

For Maria Leonardo, donating to the United Way was an easy decision.

“I’ve been blessed with a good job and benefits. I know not everyone has that privilege,” she said. “If my donation helps just one person, it is well worth it.”

Thanks to Maria, a Credit and Collections Specialist, and dozens of other team members at Omaha’s corporate headquarters, we reached our 2019 United Way campaign goal of $50,000 in employee contributions. With the corporate match, Lindsay’s total donation for 2019 was $100,000.

“Our employees were beyond generous this year – increasing their donation by more than $15,000 over last year,” said Maureen Graziano, Director of Corporate Communications. “We’re very proud of the investment they’re making in our community.”

Graziano said the one of the keys to this year’s successful campaign was making sure employees understood how their donations could help change lives and provide hope to those who need it most. To do that, Mindy Lerum, from the United Way of the Midlands, and Mike Hornacek, from Together, were invited to share information about the various needs in the community and how donated dollars are spent.

Two highlights of the campaign were an employee chili cook-off and a fundraising breakfast the Omaha office, which was also attended by Lindsay’s Board of Directors. Proceeds from the events contributed to the overall donation. Employees who donated to the campaign also were entered into a company sweepstakes for a chance to win a variety of fun giveaways.

“We’re giving back as a work family and exposing ourselves to so many great causes in the process,” said Emily Williams, Continuous Improvement Manager. “We’re growing a culture of giving back, and to see the kind of support we saw this year is truly inspiring. We’re getting involved in our community to make it a better place for all families.”

“It’s important to give back to the community, and I love that it is one of Lindsay’s priorities,” added Leonardo. “It shows that our company truly cares about others and is committed to making Omaha a wonderful place to live.”