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FieldNET Offers Benefits Through Harvest and Beyond

10 oct. 2019

FieldNET Offers Benefits Through Harvest and Beyond

It’s not unusual for growers to tell us that FieldNET® remote management technology is a tool they can’t live without during the growing season.

“FieldNET is the best thing I’ve ever done for my operation. It’s great to be able to operate my irrigation systems on my iPad or my phone,” said Illinois grower John Breedlove. “With FieldNET, I feel confident that my pivots are running and doing what they’re supposed to be doing.”

But did you know FieldNET is also a great tool during harvest?

“Growers can continue to benefit from FieldNET throughout harvest and beyond,” said Albert Maurin, product manager for Irrigation Software at Lindsay Corporation. “For example, the comprehensive, integrated reports that are generated via the technology provide insight into your overall operation and equipment, allowing you to evaluate performance and meet compliance requirements.” 

Maurin said FieldNET technology can also be used to:

  • Reposition pivots to keep them out of the way of harvesting equipment.
  • Check run hours, so you can talk to your local Zimmatic dealer about needed end-of-season maintenance.
  • Review pressure readings history to determine if well work needs to be done during the off-season. This data can also help you determine if you have enough pressure for your sprinkler package to operate correctly.
  • Download water usage reports to establish benchmarks or compare with previous years.

“Bottom line… with FieldNET, you will spend less time in the field and have greater control over your operation,” Maurin said. “We have options to meet every grower’s needs, so take time this off-season to talk to your local Zimmatic dealer to see which is best for your operation.”