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FieldNET® Helps Illinois Grower Reduce Costly Trips to the Field

10 avr. 2018

FieldNET® Helps Illinois Grower Reduce Costly Trips to the Field

Six hundred miles.

That’s the distance Illinois grower John Breedlove used to travel when checking the center pivots working on his operation. 

“My operation is pretty spread out, so I spent a lot of time on the road – going from pivot to pivot to pivot,” he said. “I have 33 pivots, so just one trip around would take about two-and-a-half hours – and that’s if everything was alright. I usually checked them three times a day – first thing in the morning, after lunch and again at night – just to make sure they were running.”

The long trips to the fields took a toll on his truck but, more importantly, they took him away from his family. That, he said, is what prompted him to add FieldNET by Lindsay to his irrigation system.

“I latched onto FieldNET because of my family. My kids showed cattle, pigs and horses. They travelled all over the country, but I didn’t feel comfortable about going with them, because I didn’t want to leave my pivots. I don’t have hired men, so I couldn’t be away,” he said. “With FieldNET, I can go ahead and take off, because I can see everything that’s going on from my smartphone.”

FieldNET is a fully integrated wireless management tool that gives growers the ability to remotely manage and control entire irrigation systems, regardless of brand. It delivers real-time system information and sends alerts if there are potential problems. The technology gives Breedlove peace of mind and more time with his family.

“This has saved me so much time,” he said. “I can just go to my phone, computer or iPad to see that everything’s running the way it should be. It’s a happy day.”

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