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FieldNET Advisor® Adds Powerful New Features

7 août 2018

FieldNET Advisor® Adds Powerful New Features

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added several new features to FieldNET Advisor – features you won’t find in any other irrigation scheduling solution. 

“We’ve made the most powerful irrigation management tool on the market even more powerful,” said Kurtis Charling, manager of FieldNET Business Solutions. “Because every operation is unique, we’ve added new features that will give our customers the ability to further customize their irrigation management in order to meet their specific operational needs.” 

Launched in 2017, FieldNET Advisor provides growers with the information they need to decide precisely when, where and how much to irrigate. The technology delivers continuously updated, field-specific irrigation recommendations – saving time, money, water and other inputs.

The new features include:

  • The ability to adjust irrigation management settings by crop zone. With this feature, users can set the refill level and stress safety buffer for each crop zone and select the irrigation scheduling model for each zone. This provides growers with much more flexibility to manage their operations for different crops and utilize the following irrigation scheduling techniques:
    • Normal – standard irrigation scheduling and VRI management 
    • Percent of Crop ET – irrigation scheduling is based on a percentage of crop evapotranspiration
    • Growth stage safety percent – irrigation scheduling is based on different safety percentage values for the four primary FAO growth stages – initial, development, mid-season and late season.
  • Enhanced irrigation management settings that gives users the ability to utilize the following:
    • Variable Rate Irrigation management – Users are now able to select from a list of different management options that FieldNET Advisor will use to dynamically optimize the irrigation schedule and VRI plans.
    • Auto Adjust Refill and Stress Safety Levels – Refill and Stress Safety Levels are automatically adjusted by examining the estimated remaining rainfall and crop water usage to fully deplete the soil’s water, while avoiding the crop stress point, throughout the entire growing season. This feature was designed to fully exploit the soil available water at the end of the season and potentially save on unnecessary water applications.
    • Auto Adjust for Water Allocation – FieldNET Advisor optimizes the irrigation schedule and VRI plans to reduce water application while avoiding crop stress. If it cannot avoid crop water stress, deficit irrigation will be implemented.
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities with daily, field-specific data delivered via email, including:
    • Rainfall (yesterday)
    • Rainfall (today’s forecast – amount and percent chance)
    • Next irrigation start amount
    • Next irrigation start date
    • Last three day’s maximum Crop ET
    • Today’s maximum Crop ET
    • Next three day’s maximum Crop ET

If you’re ready to take your irrigation management to the next level, ask your local Zimmatic dealer about FieldNET Advisor or visit