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FieldNET Advisor Adds New Crops and Regions

30 mai 2018

FieldNET Advisor Adds New Crops and Regions

We’re proud to announce that we have extended the capabilities of FieldNET Advisor™so that more growers can take advantage of this powerful irrigation scheduling tool.

“When it launched last year, FieldNET Advisor was available to U.S. and Canadian growers with corn and soybean crops. It helped users make better informed irrigation decisions, which improved yields and saved water and other inputs,” said Kurtis Charling, manager of FieldNET Business Solutions at Lindsay Corporation. “We’re really excited to be able to offer this game-changing technology to more growers around the world.”

Charling said the new crops added to FieldNET Advisor include alfalfa, barley, cotton, dry edible beans, peanuts, popcorn, potatoes, sorghum, sugarbeets, sweet corn, sugarcane and wheat.

In addition to the U.S. and Canada, the technology will be available later this year to growers in Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, France, Mexico, New Zealand, Paraguay, Portugal, Spain, Tasmania, Turkey, Ukraine and Uruguay.

FieldNET Advisor simplifies and automates the use of proven irrigation scheduling methods – providing growers with continuously updated, science-based irrigation recommendations that are customized for each field.

“FieldNET Advisor is changing the way growers make irrigation decisions – helping them decide precisely when, where and how much to irrigate,” Charling said. “It’s helping them optimize their operations and make the most of every drop of water.”

New features also have been integrated into FieldNET Advisor. In our next post, we’ll explain how they’re giving growers an increased level of convenience and mobility. 

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