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Expanded Digital Partnership Will Change How Farms Use Irrigation

14 janv. 2020

Expanded Digital Partnership Will Change How Farms Use Irrigation

We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve expanded our digital partnership with Farmers Edge– syncing FieldNET Advisor®, our irrigation management platform, with Farmers Edge fully integrated, AI-driven farm management platform, FarmCommand®.  

“This is great news for our growers,” said Albert Maurin, product manager for irrigation software at Lindsay. “The integration of these two powerful digital platforms will provide our growers a first-of-its kind, fully connected crop management solution, that will help them make more informed water management decisions to optimize applications and yield potential.”

As part of the strategic initiative, Farmers Edge will provide Lindsay access to both high-resolution satellite imagery and the most comprehensive field-centric dataset available in the industry. In addition, growers will have exclusive access to digital tools that deliver real time information to control pivots and monitor crop health, along with advanced predictive models to help identify issues, including: seeding or application errors, tile drainage, weather damage, pests, disease and more. 

“Our goal at Lindsay is to help growers increase water and energy efficiency and profit while exercising more sustainable farming practices, and we firmly believe digitization in agriculture is key to that,” said Randy Wood, president of global agricultural irrigation at Lindsay. “Farmers Edge is very much aligned with that vision, and we’re confident that by connecting our platforms through this strategic partnership, we’ll reach our goal of two million digitized and connected irrigated acres by the end of 2021.” 

Farmers Edge will add another layer of connectivity to its suite of solutions by providing FieldNET Pivot Watch™, our remote irrigation monitoring solution, and FieldNET Advisor to help growers better understand when, where and how much to irrigate. 

“At Farmers Edge, we’re focused on creating a digital agricultural ecosystem that’s centered around a fully connected farm. Farmers Edge has thousands of connected machines, weather stations and in-field sensors across the globe, but we have yet to bring a crucial asset – center pivots,” said Wade Barnes, CEO and co-founder of Farmer’s Edge. “Having access to FieldNET Pivot Watch is a key component for achieving this goal. The ability to add pivot irrigation data into our unique field-centric datasets and then move that information into FieldNET Advisor is extremely exciting. The power of the insights and analytics from the partnership will change how farms use irrigation and we’re eager to bring this type of industry changing technology to two million irrigated acres by the end of 2021.”