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Corner Units Allow Georgia Grower to Add Acres That Fall Outside of the Pivot Circle

23 mai 2018

Corner Units Allow Georgia Grower to Add Acres That Fall Outside of the Pivot Circle

The sandy to sandy-loamy soil near Rocky Ford, Georgia, makes farming a challenge. That’s why irrigation is so important for grower Jason Smith.

"Our crops would not survive without it,” Smith said. “It's more than an investment – it’s a necessity. It's also an insurance policy to ensure that we make a profit. The crops will wither up and die in a dry spell or heat wave."

With soil that doesn’t hold water well and about 45 inches of rain a year, Smith, a fifth-generation farmer, installed an expansive irrigation system across his 7,000-acre operation that produces cotton, corn and peanuts. He added Zimmatic 9500CC Custom Corner units in order to pick up crop ground that falls outside of the pivot circle. 

The most technologically advanced corner system on the market, the 9500CC adapts to the unique characteristics of Smith’s fields. The system’s built-in computer panel and GPS guidance provides added control and flexibility.

“Each corner system allows me to add 55 acres to production,” he said. “I water the cotton and peanuts just like corn, but they don’t need quite as much water as the corn.”

The team at C & R Industrial Services, the Zimmatic dealer in Statesboro, Georgia, installed the corner arms on Smith’s pivots. Co-owner Mike Cox said it was the most cost-effective way to pick up additional crop ground.

“The other option was a small pivot, but it wouldn’t have been able to water as much ground as the corner unit,” Cox said. “Some fields aren’t big enough to warrant a corner machine, but his were and they made a great addition to his operation.”

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