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Lindsay Announces its Bold Vision for Innovation and the Future of Agriculture


Lindsay Announces its Bold Vision for Innovation and the Future of Agriculture

Last week, Lindsay Corporation sponsored a very special event – Water Matters 3.6.18, an educational session focused on the importance of efficient irrigation and the ways in which it fits into precision agriculture and smart farming practices.

Held at Elecsys Corporation, our technology design and production facility in Olathe, Kansas, the event included a behind-the-scenes look at the production process and hands-on demonstrations of some of the technologies that are helping growers produce more with less. We also hosted an interactive panel discussion famers and other industry experts. 

“We sponsored this event to raise awareness about the importance of precision irrigation and the role it will play in helping growers meet global food challenges,” said Randy Wood, president of agricultural irrigation at Lindsay Corporation. “We have a long history of developing solutions that help growers do more with less, and we have a bold vision for the future of agriculture.


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That future, Wood said, includes the company’s commitment to continuous innovation – with enhanced technology offerings and the expansion of FieldNET and FieldNET Advisor to more growers around the world. He also announced a new goal to help growers save more than 700 billion gallons of water and more than one billion kilowatt hours of energy by the year 2022.

“To put that in tangible terms, the amount of water we hope to save is 10 percent more than what’s currently in the Lake of the Ozarks, or roughly half the size of Lake Ponchartrain,” he said. “In terms of carbon emissions, the savings is equivalent to nearly 200,000 passenger vehicles burning 100 million gallons of fuel.” 

We hope you will join us in tracking our progress toward that goal at www.myfieldnet.com.

“The effort to sustain and protect the world for future generations must include effective water management,” Wood said. “It’s up to all of us to make ‘water matters’ a priority.”