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FieldNET Helps Nebraska Growers Eliminate Unnecessary Trips to Their Fields


FieldNET Helps Nebraska Growers Eliminate Unnecessary  Trips to Their Fields

Like most farmers, Jack Godbersen considers time one of the most valuable resources on his family’s farm. That’s one of the reasons he added FieldNET® remote monitoring and control technology to 15 of the 22 center pivots that work over his corn and soybean fields.

“Our operation includes 2,500 irrigated acres that are pretty spread out. FieldNET allows us to monitor the pivots 24/7, which is a huge benefit given the range of miles we cover,” said Godbersen. “It helps us diagnose potential problems, whether it be pivot or well-related, before travelling to the location, so we can bring the right tool and parts. It also saves time during planting, spraying and harvesting, because we’re able to move the pivots out of the way without stopping the machines.”

The Godbersen’s family operation spans parts of four northeast Nebraska counties. Jack works alongside his father, Gary, and two of his three brothers, so it’s important that the technology is easy for everyone to understand and use. 

“FieldNET is quick and easy to navigate. It’s very user friendly,” he said. 

The technology also gives them the ability to manage and control their irrigation systems from virtually anywhere with a smartphone, tablet or computer. It also delivers real-time alerts and status updates.

Godbersen said they will work with their Zimmatic dealer, Petersen Ag Systems, to add FieldNET to two more pivots. 

“We like having as many pivots as possible on one control platform,” he said. “We’ll recommend it to other growers, because it’s been great for us.”

For more information about FieldNET, talk to your local Zimmatic dealer or visit www.myfieldnet.com.