Farm Mapping


Farm mapping made easy with FieldMAP

FieldMAP is an easy to use, powerful farm mapping and design software package that will enable you to draw, edit and print your own farm maps for free. FieldMAP can also be used to create irrigation plans and to perform some advanced functions for your Zimmatic Precision VRI system.

Farm mapping made easy with FieldMAP
FieldMAP Software

FieldMAP Software

FieldMAP has all the features you'll need to create a map of your farm or design a new farm layout. Designed by professional farm mappers to address all your farm mapping needs.

The custom mapping program can also be used to create and edit irrigation plans for the Zimmatic Precision VRI system to optimise water application for both the irrigated area and water source.


For easy farm mapping

  • Easily create and modify paddocks and farm features
  • Quickly and easily measure distances, altitudes and areas
  • Paddock areas and line/fence lengths automatically calculate
  • Print your map
  • Upload and download points too and from most Garmin handheld GPS models
  • Export and import CSV files from other GPS units (including high accuracy RTK GPS)
  • Import ortho-corrected, geo-referenced aerial photography
  • Draw center-pivot irrigators, pod irrigation systems or long-lateral type irrigation systems
  • Parallel line drawing tool (for vineyards, orchards, irrigation and paddock/field layout design)
  • Import and export Shapefiles, KML (Google Earth), DXF and GPX files
  • Export layers into Garmin Oregon or Dakota GPS units
  • Export maps and designs to TRACMAP head unit

For irrigation scheduling with Precision VRI

FieldNET is the preferred program for managing your Precision VRI system, but for experianced users FieldMAP offers some advanced irrigation scheduling features, including:

  • Optimisation of water application for both the area irrigated and the water source, for instance the maximum consented water volume or flow rate.
  • Field information relating to the irrigated area can be defined by aerial photographs, electromagnetic survey maps, available water holding capacity maps, crop parameters, infrared image maps, and polygons exported from Google Earth™ and user-defined GPS information.
  • Field information is constructed in “layers” so many different types of field information can be considered when creating irrigation plans.
  • Within the map, “management zones” are set from the field information in which different application depths can be applied.
  • The irrigation plan can be simulated with the calculated flow rate displayed to check that limits are not exceeded.
  • Pivot wheel tracks can be added to create management zones to reduce wheel rutting.
  • Plans can be either manually imported into the Precision VRI controller or transmitted wirelessly where a connection is set-up.


To successfully install and run FieldMAP your PC will need to be running Windows 10, XP, Vista, 7 or 8 and requires a modern graphics card and minimum 128MB Ram (256MB or more to load ortho-corrected photography).

To install FieldMAP click on the full installer link below to download the program files, the Microsoft DirectX update is also required.  

Windows 10 users may choose to download the file from the Microsoft Store, available through the link provided below. 

For support refer to the instruction booklet provided below or the videos tutorials available on YouTube.

Need help?

Need help?

We have an extensive library of tutorials to help you every step of the way while using the FieldMAP program, these are easily accessed anytime on YouTube using the link below or download the easy to follow instruction booklet.

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