San Francisco Doyle Drive Project Utilizes Innovative Construction Safety Strategies

October 17, 2012

San Francisco Doyle Drive Project Utilizes Innovative Construction Safety Strategies

The existing south access road to the iconic Golden GateBridge, known as Doyle Drive or Route 101, is being replaced. Originally built in 1936, this 1.5 miles of roadway that serves almost 120,000 vehicles daily is structurally and seismically deficient and has reached the end of its useful life. It is being replaced by a new structure called the Presidio Parkway that will transform Doyle Drive into a spectacular regional gateway between the Golden Gate Bridge and the city of San Francisco. Major design improvements include two sets of new tunnels, a spacious landscaped median, new safety shoulders, and traffic calming transitions to city streets that will result in a much safer roadway.

Construction of the Presidio Parkway is being done in two major phases which allows for construction to begin sooner, seismic safety to be achieved faster and completion of the project to be accelerated ahead of what was originally scheduled. Estimated total cost of the project is $1.045 billion.

During the first phase of construction, Doyle Drive continued to operate while portions of the new Presidio Parkway are being built. Now that traffic has been switched over to the newly constructed parkway, the use of an innovative moveable median barrier (QuickChange® Moveable Barrier) is being employed to help maintain capacity and reduce congestion, while the second half of the parkway is being completed. Traffic lanes are quickly and safely reconfigured throughout the day to accommodate peak demand using moveable barrier to positively separate traffic and smooth traffic flow. Importantly this helps expedite construction by a year and a half and reduces the impacts on business and the traveling public….lowering project costs and providing added safety. This phase is being delivered through the traditional design‐bid‐build model and includes a bridge replacement on Highway 1 and the new southbound Presidio Viaduct constructed by C.C. Meyers. It also includes the construction of the southbound Battery Tunnel and a temporary bypass constructed by R & L Brosamer.


Phase II will be delivered through a public‐private partnership (P3) model. The selected bidder (Golden Link Partners) will design, build, finance, operate and maintain the project for 30 years. Construction will begin later in 2012 and continue through 2015, including construction of the northbound Presidio Viaduct and Battery Tunnel, and the new Girard Road Interchange with a direct connector to the Presidio. This phase will also include the final landscaping. Replacement of Doyle Drive with the Presidio Parkway is a collaborative effort led by Caltrans, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority and FHWA.

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