Pump Telemetry

Our broadband communications solutions for pump telemetry deliver fast, all-ways on connectivity that enabling real-time monitoring and control even in areas with poor cell phone coverage.  In addition, because our solutions are broadband-based, you can add on-farm Internet capability including WiFi hotspots, video surveillance cameras and other add-ons to increase productivity and save fuel and labor.


Watertronics Pumping solutions are engineered to your specific needs. Watertronics’ fully integrated pumping systems and advanced control technology can be used with virtually any kind of irrigation system including: golf courses, municipal, landscape, center pivot and lateral move, drip irrigation, wheel roll and hose reel, flood irrigation and process / wastewater.  Whether you have a large corporate operation or a small family farm, Watertronics can design and build pumping systems that save you water, power and time.  By improving efficiency and reliability, you can expect lower utility bills and reduced downtime.

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