Plan & Design

IRZ Consulting

With more than 25 years of experience, IRZ Consulting is a Lindsay irrigation consulting and design firm that creates water delivery and conservation systems for growers with farms of 250 to 25,000 acres (101 to 10,117 ha).

Each design is optimized for superior yields, peak efficiencies, and reduced input costs.

IRZ Consulting has worked on large-scale projects in China, Russia, Sudan and the United States.

 Services include:

  • Irrigation engineering design for pivots, laterals, and drip
  • Feasibility study/Master Plan
  • Pump station, pipeline and booster design
  • Systems optimization
  • Water and energy Conservation Plan
  • Water resources development
    – Groundwater, wells, groundwater recharge
    – Reservoirs
    – Canals
  • Soil moisture monitoring
  • Energy usage monitoring

Numbers That Speak Volumes

Each year, farmers, growers and agribusinesses using IRZ's services save the Lower Columbia Basin in Oregon, U.S., almost 10 billion gallons (38 billion liters) of water, and more than 25 million kilowatt hours of electricity.  » more

SPF Water Engineering

SPF Water Engineering is a full-service water resource consulting firm with emphasis in water supply studies, well design, water and wastewater system design, water rights consulting, groundwater monitoring and modeling, and more.  The team at SPF has designed numerous irrigation systems including handling of water rights, water source development, pumping systems, and center pivot applications.  For more information on SPF, please go to their website at


The seasoned consultants and engineers at ezWireless partner with growers to assess feasibility, develop designs, select technology and oversee projects for wireless networking and broadband systems.