Lindsay New Product Development Laboratory Completes Successful Worldwide Compliance Audit

January 8, 2013

(OMAHA, Neb., USA) – January 2013—Lindsay Corporation, a leading designer and manufacturer of self-propelled center pivot and lateral move irrigation systems, recently completed a successful compliance certification audit of its New Product Development Laboratory.

The annual audit was performed by Intertek, a global leader in testing, inspecting and certification of products to ensure quality and safety.

“Intertek helps companies ensure the quality and safety of their products, processes and systems,” says Byron Dill, product safety and compliance engineer at Lindsay. “We are delighted to have passed this high-level audit. It allows us to receive third-party certification that our products are compliant with the highest quality and safety certification requirements in the world.

” Lindsay’s New Product Development Lab is used to test, measure and evaluate all Lindsay new products before they enter the marketplace, according to Dill.

“At Lindsay, we integrate our New Product Development Lab and our international compliance process into the design and development of all of our products early on to avoid costly delays and errors and to develop better, market-ready products for our end-users.”

Dill says the Intertek compliance and certification process is especially important when it comes to irrigation and remote telemetry products, which involve complex electrical and radio frequency components and different certification requirements around the world.

“As an international irrigation leader, Lindsay is committed to compliance and excellence in developing systems that increase irrigation efficiency, boost productivity and reduce energy and labor costs. Our New Product Development Lab plays a critical role in this process and we are proud to receive this successful compliance audit from Intertek,” says Barry Ruffalo, president, Lindsay Irrigation Business.

About Lindsay
Lindsay Corporation is a leading provider of automated mechanical move irrigation equipment and of traffic safety products. The Company manufactures and markets center-pivot, lateral-move and hose reel irrigation systems which are sold through its worldwide network of dealers. The Company's Zimmatic, Growsmart and Greenfield brands are highly recognized for their quality and technological leadership. The Company also manufactures and markets infrastructure road safety and congestion mitigation products through its wholly owned subsidiaries Barrier Systems Inc. (BSI) and Snoline S.P.A. In addition, the Company produces large-diameter steel tubing and railroad signaling lights and structures.


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