Lindsay Pivots and Pumps Provide for Australian City’s Wastewater Needs

August 20, 2013

Lindsay Pivots and Pumps Provide for Australian City’s Wastewater Needs

(OMAHA, Neb., USA) – August 2013—Lindsay Corporation, maker of Zimmatic by Lindsay irrigation systems, has announced the worldwide availability of the Tamworth City, Australia, wastewater reuse project case study.

Lindsay was the single-source supplier for one of the largest wastewater treatments of its kind in Australia. A full arsenal of Lindsay products, including pivots, pumps and remote telemetry, were used to better manage wastewater and conserve land and water resources.

Today instead of being dumped into the nearby Peel River, Tamworth’s treated wastewater is pumped through 13 new Zimmatic by Lindsay poly-lined center pivots and used to irrigate local crops, which are then sold to local dairies and feedlots.

The project, detailed extensively in the case study, was 10 years in the making and designed to secure the city’s effluent disposal volume through to 2025, forecast to be approximately 6,000 megaliters per year, with future expansion capabilities built into the system if needed.

Key to the project is a fully-integrated Lindsay Watertronics pump station that is used to move the effluent from holding ponds through the Zimmatic pivots and ultimately onto the crops, says Rick Reinders, Watertronics president.

According to Reinders, the Tamworth pumping station consists of five 160 kw centrifugal pumps, each capable of pumping 9,085 liters per minute. The pump station was custom-engineered and performance-tested at the Watertronics manufacturing facility in Hartland, Wisconsin, and then delivered to Tamworth as a factory-assembled unit for fast, easy installation.

“The pump station provides a sophisticated yet practical degree of automation, management and monitoring,” Reinders says. “The pumps are equipped with variable frequency drives (VFDs) to specifically tune pressure and flow characteristics to each pump, ensuring near perfect pressure regulation.”

TEAM Irrigation, Lindsay’s local Zimmatic dealer in Dubbo, NSW, Australia, spearheaded the project, including erecting the pivots, trenching and laying the piping system, installing the pumping station, and integrating all of the components with FieldNET pivot and pump wireless remote control technology.

“This was our biggest wastewater project we have been involved in for crop irrigation and in terms of effluent water,” says Craig Chandler, managing director of TEAM Irrigation. “It’s great knowing that our technology and products can be used to irrigate crops rather than dump the wastewater into the river.”

“The project was unique in that it involved numerous Lindsay products, including the pivots, pumps and all of the controls.”

For a free copy of the case study, which includes detailed descriptions and results on how the various components of the project work together to meet the city’s wastewater needs, visit

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